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Foto av grønne skipspiper.

“We are green” can be seen written on the three newly painted funnels which stand tall on the top deck of the passenger ferry MS Stavangerfjord.  With this simple message the company hopes to prove their environmental commitment.

– The fact that we sail with almost 50% lower CO2 emissions than the branch average has not been well communicated and we think it is time to make a visual change which everyone will notice. As green is the environmental color it was an easy decision to paint our funnels green, says Rickard Ternblom, CEO in Fjord Line.

Sailed by environmentally friendly natural gas since 2013

MS Stavangerfjord which is the first and largest passenger ferry in the world has sailed by environmentally friendly natural gas since she came into service for Fjord Line in the summer of 2013. The same applies to MS Bergensfjord which joined the Fjord Line fleet in 2014. The funnels on board MS Bergensfjord will also be painted green when whilst in dock in March this year.

– Together both ships save the environment around 60% CO2 emissions and approximately 81% NOx-emissions, compared to road transport, says Ternblom.

More for guests on the top deck

In addition to painting the funnels green on board MS Stavangerfjord, there have also been changes made both inside and out on the highest deck, called Sky Bar.  Inside is a new lounge area taking form.

– We have made changes here to encourage more of our guests up to Deck 10. Here can they enjoy both the crossing and the fantastic scenery, says Ternblom.

There is also a bar here which is available to guests to enjoy from both inside and outside – really practical!  Here guests can order both food and drink.  The bar isn’t totally finished yet but by the end of March everything will be ready.


Rickard Ternblom, CEO in Fjord Line, phone: +47 952 09 388

About Fjord Line

Fjord Line was founded in 1993 and is today Norway’s second largest international ferry shipping company for passengers and freight between Norway, Sweden and Denmark with a market share of 20%. Fjord Line operates four vessels on five routes, has about 700 FTE’s and carried 1,3 million passengers and about 65,000 freight units in 2017.

Published: 03. February 2020 08:05