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Fjord Line’s newly built pride and joy is taking over from HSC Fjord Cat. The catamaran carries 1,200 passengers, holds three restaurants, and has lower CO2 emissions than traditional ferries. On Sunday, the ship will arrive in Hirtshals, ready to welcome avid travelers.

– Despite being in a very difficult time for travel and tourism, we continue to invest in better customer experiences and more sustainable transport for both passengers and goods. We are looking forward to showcasing the new catamaran to our loyal guests as soon as the various countries’ authorities allow it, says Brian Thorsted Hansen, CEO of Fjord Line.

Improved guest comfort

Fjord FSTR will travel between Kristiansand and Hirtshals and thus doubling the capacity on the fastest sea route between Norway and Denmark. The new catamaran will spend just over 2 hours on the crossing. The product on board is also significantly improved from what you experience on traditional catamaran ferries and previous ferries on the route.

– Fjord FSTR takes twice as many passengers as Fjord Cat and is equipped with two car decks that hold a total of 404 cars. It is also rigged with charging stations, making it the first Norwegian passenger shipping company to offer this. On board, passengers can choose between three different restaurants, a separate children’s area, and a larger duty-free shop, says Thorsted Hansen.

Fjord Line’s new high-speed catamaran, which is also capable of carrying heavy transport, will ensure a 32 percent reduction in CO2 emissions per passenger-kilometer.

– The ship is built with several innovative functions that improve both the sailing capability and the guests’ comfort on board. The catamaran is also equipped with a new and optimized hull shape, which minimizes fuel consumption and waves when she sails across the Skagerrak, says Brian Thorsted Hansen in Fjord Line.

Fjord FSTR arrives in Hirtshals on Sunday 11 April, with voyages scheduled once the authorities allow it.

Facts about the catamaran

Engine capacity: 51,495 hp
Knots: 37
Length: 109 meters
Width: 30.5 meters
Maximum passengers: 1,200
Maximum number of cars: 404
Transit time: 2 hours and 15 minutes

For further inquiries, please contact,

Brian Thorsted Hansen, CEO Fjord Line AS, cell: +45 20 35 13 39

About Fjord Line:

Fjord Line was established in 1993 and is today Norway’s second largest passenger ferry shipping company servicing the international market between Norway, Denmark and Sweden. The company caters both for passengers and freight and holds a market share of about 22%. Fjord Line operates four vessels. The total passenger numbers on our five routes amounts to some 1,4 million and the number of employees is around 700. The information applies to the company before the pandemic.

Published: 09. April 2021 15:38