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In light of the serious situation related to the COVID – 19 Virus, Fjord Line is doing everything in its power to help stop the spread of the virus and is therefore canceling all the sailings between Bergen- Stavanger and Hirtshals, and between Hirtshals and Langesund, Sandefjord and Strømstad. As an extraordinary route Fjord line is establishing the route between Kristiansand and Hirtshals to maintain a direct route between Norway and Denmark. The above-mentioned route changes will be in affect from Monday the 16th of March and 30 days going forward. This may be prolonged.

The escalating situation is affecting everyone. Fjord Line has the upmost focus on security and hygiene on bord our vessels and have reinforced our routines due to the current situation. As of this date there have been no reports of Corona contamination amongst our passengers or crew.

Norwegian and Danish authorities have imposed severe measures to contaminate the spread of the virus. Fjord Line will follow all regulations and guidelines given by local and state authorities. As a consequence of this we have decided to cancel some of our routes. The routes affected will be:

  • Bergen-Hirtshals: last departure Sunday 15th of March 1.30 PM
  • Stavanger-Hirtshals: last departure Monday 16th of March 8.30 AM
  • Stavanger-Bergen-Stavanger: no departures after Sunday 15th of March
  • Langesund-Hirtshals: last departure Sunday 15th of March 2.30 PM
  • Sandefjord-Strømstad: no departures after the 14th of March

New extraordinary route        

As an extraordinary route Fjord Line establishes two daily departures in each direction between Kristiansand and Hirtshals. This route will be served by one of our vessels that normally sails on the route between western Norway and Hirtshals.

All passengers who have a booking on one of the cancelled routes will be offered to travel on the new extraordinary route instead. All others with need of transport between Norway and Denmark are welcome on bord our ships.

–  I believe everyone is understanding towards the measures we are taking to limit the spread of the virus. I acknowledge that these measures will be affecting the travel plans and schedules of our passengers but considering the current situation and the recommendations from national authorities, we feel this is the appropriate thing to do, says Richard Ternblom.


Free rebooking

All passengers who have booked standard car packages and cruises between the 10th of March and until the 31st of May 2020 can change their travel date with no additional cost up to 48 hours before departure. After this date normal conditions will apply.

It’s also possible to cancel after normal conditions for the ticket fare and type.

We will contact everyone affected

We will contact everyone affected by these changes in chronological order. So those with tickets with a departure date approaching will be contacted first. This is a large number of customers and we ask for the understanding that it can take some time before everyone is contacted.

We ask our freight customers to contact their regional freight office.

The changes described above will be in affect from Monday the 16th of March and for the next 30 days – the 15th of April or until further notice is given.

Press contact

Contact: Rickard Ternblom

Phone: +47 901 67 309

About Fjord Line

Fjord line was established in 1993 and is today Norway’s second largest cruise ferry company in international passenger and freight traffic between Norway, Sweden and Denmark with a market share of 21 %. The company operates 4 ships, 5 routes and have approximately 700 FTE`s. we transport more than 1,4 million passengers yearly. In addition of passenger transport the company also offer cargo and cargo vehicle freight.

Published: 13. March 2020 15:32