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MS Bergensfjord. Foto.

The changes apply from 5 September until 31 March 2023.

– We are facing a new reality and will have to adapt. The increased prices for energy affect everyone, including us. It is especially our costs for the more environmentally friendly alternative LNG, which have skyrocketed. Based on this, we feel compelled to temporarily change the route plan for the two LNG ships, says Brian Thorsted Hansen, CEO of Fjord Line.

Both ships will continue to operate the routes between Hirtshals-Stavanger-Bergen and Hirtshals-Langesund, but with reduced frequency and changed departure and arrival times. Passengers affected by the new changes will be informed.

– We have prioritized finding a solution where we reduce our energy consumption significantly at the same time as ensuring a good offer for our passengers and cargo customers. Therefore, we maintain the operation of both ships and with calls in all four ports, says Hansen.

For further inquiries, please contact,
Brian Thorsted Hansen, CEO Fjord Line AS, cell: +45 20 35 13 39

About Fjord Line:
Fjord Line was established in 1993 and is today Norway’s second largest passenger ferry shipping company servicing the international market between Norway, Denmark and Sweden. The company caters both for passengers and freight and holds a market share of about 22%. Fjord Line operates four vessels. The total passenger numbers on our five routes amounts to some 1,4 million and the number of employees is around 700. The information applies to the company before the pandemic.

Published: 16. August 2022 15:03