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Luggage and travel goods

Luggage weighing up to 50 kg or half a cubic meter in volume, can be transported free of charge in your vehicle. If you are a foot passenger, you can only bring as much luggage as you are able to carry with you when boarding.

Furniture, boxes etc. will be considered as cargo and will be subject to freight charges in accordance with separate tariffs. For this type of cargo, please contact Fjord Line Freight.

A detailed summary of what you can carry with you at no charge and the procedure for booking freight can be found in Section 10 of our travel and purchase terms.

The Danish Maritime Authority – Guidance on transport of Dangerous Goods in private vehicles

All dangerous goods must be reported in accordance with the rules here: BAF and relevant freight information under point 5 of Fjord Line terms and conditions of carriage.

If you are transporting dangerous goods, such as gas cylinders, there are a few things to remember:

More information regarding luggage/travel goods can be found in section 10 of our travel and purchase terms.