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Passengers with special requirements

In the interests of safety, passengers with special requirements or who have to travel with a companion should inform Fjord Line of this on booking. Your companion does not have to pay to travel with you. During the trip, we ask that your companion contact the staff on board if they would like information about safety or the ship in general.

Patients with oxygen

Patients travelling with oxygen cylinders must travel with a companion on all our ships. The on-board crew must be made aware of the oxygen cylinders in case of a fire.

Guide dogs and assistance dogs

Guide dogs and assistance dogs that are trained to carry out tasks for the blind and partially-sighted or that provide emotional support travel free on all our ships. You should be able to present a medical certificate at check-in that accompanies the dog on the trip.

Passengers with guide dogs or assistance dogs can bring their dogs into certain cabin types. The dog can stay on the floor in most communal areas on board. Walking the dog during the crossing can be arranged with the staff on board. We urge passengers to show consideration to anyone on board who suffers from allergies.

Wheelchair users with a vehicle

If a wheelchair user requires more room than the length of the car and parking near a lift on the car deck, please inform us of this at booking and also at check-in. To ensure that you are adequately accommodated, please be at the terminal at least 90 minutes prior to departure.

Yes, all our ships have accessible toilets on board.

In Bergen, Stavanger and Hirtshals we have gangways that are adapted to wheelchair users. Please contact the check-in staff at the terminal for assistance.

Our ships are well adapted for the physically challenged. On board there are special cabins on Deck 8 which are wheelchair accessible. These cabins have space for one to four persons.  This category of cabin must be booked by phone (+47 51 46 40 99). These cabins are 16.9 m2 in size. The bathroom is 6 m2 while the rest of the cabin is 10.9 m2. There should be enough space for wheelchair users to roll into the cabin. The cabins have a door opening of 94 cm and there is no door sill or threshold so guests with wheelchairs can easily come in. Other categories of cabins are not wheelchair accessible.

Fjord Line attaches great importance to the safety of our passengers, and that they should feel safe on board. It is therefore important that our staff are made aware of the type and degree of each disability, so that we can best accommodate our passengers. This is why it is not possible to book these special cabins online.

Visually impaired passengers can travel without escort and are welcome to bring guide dogs into certain types of cabin. Guide dogs are permitted in most areas on board. Passengers wishing to bring a guide dog should book well in advance of the departure date as there is limited space for guide dogs on board. Walking of guide dogs during the crossing can be arranged with the crew on board. We ask passengers with guide dogs to show consideration to other passengers who may have allergies.

There is no extra charge to take a guide dog on board. It is not possible to book space for guide dogs online. Please contact us at +47 51 46 40 99. For safety reasons, information regarding passengers who are blind or visually impaired must be provided at time of booking.