Gaustablikk – spectacular scenery and dramatic history

Fantastic nature experiences coupled with exciting saboteur tales and historical buildings that are like something out of a fairytale. Sound too good to be true? Then come to Gaustablikk and see for yourself!

If you choose to spend your summer holidays in Gaustablikk, you are guaranteed a real pearl of experiences. Located in the northern part of Telemark, Gaustablikk is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, while the surrounding area offers exciting towns and attractions to pique the interest of even the most smartphone–addicted teenager.

NEW IN 2021: Northern Europe's highest padel tennis facility

Now you have the opportunity to try the trendy sport, padel tennis, in a dreamlike setting. Right next to Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell and with a great view of Gaustatoppen and the mountain lake Kvitåvatn, two padel tennis courts were opened in the summer of 2021. Rackets and balls can be rented on site.

Gaustatoppen and Gaustabanen

An absolute must for any holidaymaker in Gaustablikk is a top trip to Gaustatoppen. The trip is about five kilometres each way, but if you want to save some energy, you can ride almost all the way to the top on the "Gaustabanen" – a unique railway inside the mountain!

If you choose to walk, a wide and well–marked path will take you up a 700m difference in altitude. At the top, you can reward yourself with coffee and waffles from the century–old tourist cabin, while enjoying the panoramic view: from Gaustatoppen you can see a sixth of Norway in clear weather!

Nature experiences of the highest order

Gaustablikk is beautifully situated on the shores of Lake Kvitåvatn, which invites you to go fishing, canoeing and, not least, take a cool dip with spectacular views of Gaustatoppen – perhaps followed by a visit to one of the area's floating saunas?

The area also offers a wealth of marked hiking and cycling routes in the idyllic high mountain landscape. Particularly popular is the "Solstien" – a family–friendly tour on the edge of the Hardangervidda plateau. The spectacular tour, which starts with a ride on the Krossobanen cable car, offers 360–degree views of Hardangervidda, Gaustatoppen, Møsstrond and Rauland.

Rjukan – Dramatic history from world war two.

Just about
 30 minutes from Gaustablikk you will find the focal point of one of Norway's most dramatic events in recent times: Rjukan. If you've seen the film Telemarkens Helte or the TV series Heavy Water War, you know the story of how Norwegian saboteurs prevented the German occupying forces from using the city's heavy water production to make an atomic bomb.

On the "Sabotage Trail" you can walk along the same path that the saboteurs followed on their way to blow up the Vemork heavy water plant. Signs along the trail tell the dramatic story of the hike, which also offers impressive views of the mountain landscape and Rjukan town.

Heddal – An adventurous stave church

Heddal Stave Church an hour's drive south of Gaustablikk is Norway's largest preserved stave church.
The stave church is a fascinating sight as it sits atop the hill in the beautiful Norwegian landscape. Take your time to study the myriad details – the portico, the multi–storey roof and the scaly roof tiles are just some of the reasons why the church seems like it's straight out of a fairytale!

Don’t forget…

Rjukan is also home to the Norwegian Industrial Workers' Museum, where you can both delve into the story of how Hydro started the world's first production of artificial fertiliser – and thus started the industrial revolution in Norway – and of course hear more about the exciting sabotage operation.

Cabin, apartment or hotel?

If you choose Gaustablikk as your holiday destination of the year, you can put together a trip to suit your own tastes. There are many different accommodation options here, depending on whether you prefer the easy option (and self–indulgence) of a hotel or 'self–catering' in a cabin or apartment.

Your guide to a great holiday in Gaustablikk

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