Gaustablikk – The place where the snow falls first.

Take the family to Norway's sixth largest – and perhaps most beautiful – ski area, Gaustablikk.

Varied alpine challenges, well–prepared cross–country ski trails with unique views of the Gaustatoppen – and a unique opportunity for the off–piste adventure of a lifetime. That's what you and your family get in Norway's sixth largest ski area, Gausta – the place in Norway where the snow always falls first.

Impressive area with something for every ski lover

Gausta – a merger of the former Gaustatoppen and Gaustablikk ski centres – is described by locals as "the place in Norway where the snow falls first", and the season often runs from November to May.

The beautiful mountain area offers superb alpine slopes for both beginners and advanced skiers, enough cross–country trails for several winter holidays, three children's areas and unique experiences (with or without skis on your feet) at Gausta.

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Cabinor hotel?

If this year's ski holiday is to Gaustablikk, you can put together a trip to suit your own tastes. There are many different accommodation options here, depending on whether you prefer the easy option of a hotel or 'self–catering' in a cabin close to the slopes.

Your guide to a great ski holiday in Gaustablikk

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Important: Due to COVID–19, there may be changes to the ski resorts and accommodation offer for the 2022 ski season. Therefore, always keep yourself updated on the ski centres' websites.