Sirdal – the mountain paradise east of Stavanger.

Just 90 minutes east of Stavanger, a wealth of unique outdoor experiences await in the idyllic mountain landscape of Sirdal.

Hiking, cycling, climbing, mountain carting and dog sledding – however you prefer to explore nature, Sirdal offers you guaranteed nature experiences in a class of their own.

Hiking and cycling in the mountains

The beautiful mountain scenery invites you to explore on foot or on two wheels. There are plenty of spectacular walking routes of varying lengths and difficulty, and pleasant, narrow roads with minimal car traffic for idyllic bike rides. Particularly exciting is the top tour to Flerehei, where in addition to beautiful mountain peaks and lakes, you will also pass the wreckage of a dramatic plane crash in 1946, when a British bomber crashed in the area.

For those who love the water

For those who can't resist the tempting blue waters of the fjords, Sirdal is the perfect destination.
 Here you can let loose in the area's water park, which opened in the summer of 2020 and invites you to have fun and play – and it's completely free! For example, see if you can climb the 4.5 metre high "iceberg". If you don't want to get wet straight away, you can hire cheap SUP boards and canoes all summer in Sirdal.

Untraditional mountain experiences

If you want to experience the nature of Sirdal in a new and exciting way, try a "Mountain Cart" tour, where you whiz down the specially adapted trails around Sirdal Skisenter in special tricycles, a fun and different experience for the whole family!

Another of the area's popular activities is a visit to Sirdal Husky Farm. Here you can get up close to the happy, charming dogs, try a sledge ride on the farm's closed track or go on a "hike in the mountains with huskies", where the dogs carry equipment and packed lunches on your trip to one of the area's beautiful mountain peaks.

Excitement for climbing monkeys

If you have adventurous climbing enthusiasts in the family, Sirdal is a true Eldorado! The largest climbing areas are in Hunnedalen, Sirekrok and Liland, where more than 100 routes of varying difficulty await you. It is also possible to take day trips to Setesdal, Gloppedalen or Kjeragmassivet.

If you'd rather try your hand at climbing in a safer environment, the Høyt og Lavt climbing park is just outside Sirdal Resort.
 Here you can enjoy six climbing loops and seven cable cars.


Sirdal is located around
 one hour from Lysefjorden and is thus an ideal starting point for day trips to the fjord's spectacular scenery. Hike to Preikestolen or Kjeragbolten, or drive to Lysebotn and board a fjord cruise through the 42–kilometre–long fjord. The ride on the shiny waters of the fjord with the impressive mountains towering above you is an experience of a lifetime!

Feel the wing of history

At the idyllic Sirdal Mountain Museum, you can experience first–hand how people lived on the mountain back in the day. The museum includes a youth house, a schoolhouse, a single–storey building and a hunting lodge, and the oldest building dates back to the 1770s.

For even older history, visit the burial mounds at Skeie. Here you can walk among more than 20 burial sites dating back more than 1,500 years, which testify that the place has been a power centre since the Iron Age.

Don’t forget…

Just 90 minutes' drive to Stavanger, Sirdal is an ideal base for day trips to the cosy fjord town, or perhaps to Kongeparken, the largest amusement park in the west of the country.
 offers a chocolate factory, Norway's highest carousel and Norway's longest bobsled run.

Accommodation in the middle of beautiful nature

In Sirdal, you'll stay in one of Sirdal Resort's cosy holiday apartments – with the whole beautiful natural area on your doorstep.

Your guide to a great holiday in Sirdal

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