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Fjord Club terms and conditions

Fjord Line may change the terms and conditions for Fjord Club. For example, due to changes in statutory laws or regulations or changes in our services. So, please check the terms and conditions at regular intervals.

1.About Fjord Club

Fjord Club’s terms and conditions have been translated from Norwegian into several languages. The terms should be interpreted in accordance with Norwegian legislation. In the event of a conflict or disagreement, the Norwegian version applies. These terms and conditions are subject to Norwegian legislation.

Fjord Club is our way of showing our appreciation for our customers. As a Fjord Club member, you earn bonus points that can be used for future travel and services with Fjord Line. You will also receive exclusive members’ deals, invitations and information about the things that most interest you in Fjord Line.

Membership is free, open to individuals over the age of 18 and non-transferable.

1.1Fjord Club Premium

Fjord Club Premium members get exclusive benefits. The Fjord Club Premium membership costs €18 for 12 months. Membership will be activated once payment of the membership fees has been registered.

1.2Fjord Club Ambassador

Fjord Club Ambassador members get access to exclusive benefits and Fjord Club Premium members can upgrade to Fjord Club Ambassador level by earning 1,000 points over 12 months. Fjord Club Ambassador membership is for 12 months once Fjord Club Premium membership has been paid.

2.Activating membership

When you become a member, we will ask you to provide some information about yourself so we can provide you with optimum service. To verify and activate your membership, please respond to our e-mail/text message to confirm the information you have provided.

Once your membership has been activated, you will receive membership benefits by presenting your Fjord Club membership details whenever you make a booking. To receive benefits on board, simply identify yourself as a member by showing your Fjord Club membership card.

3.Change of contact information

If your contact information changes, or you would like to change information in your profile, just log into My Fjord Club at fjordline.com. Please make sure you keep this information updated.

4.Termination of membership

You can terminate your Fjord Club membership at any time by calling Fjord Line on (+47) 51 46 40 99. Your membership fee will not be refunded if you terminate your Fjord Club membership more than 14 days after you have become a member and have received information about the membership, including the information that is required in accordance with Section 8 of the (Norwegian) Cancellation Act, cf. Section 11 (1) of the Cancellation Act.

When you register as a member of Fjord Club, you accept that your personal and contact information will be processed in accordance with Section 8 and 9 of the (Norwegian) Personal Data Act and the membership rules specified above, as well as agree to receiving e-mails, texts and post from Fjord Line. If consent for the receipt of e-mails, texts and post is withdrawn, updating of our database will take place 24 hours later.

5.Earning and spending bonus points

Members earn points when they travel with Fjord Line for trips that are booked directly through Fjord Line or on fjordline.com.

You can see your points balance in My Fjord Club once you have completed your trip.
Your Fjord Club membership must be mentioned when making a booking or purchase. The member making the booking or purchase will earn all the points for the trip/purchase.

Points awarded for travel and cabins, minus taxes and fees. Points are not awarded for additional products or trips that are wholly or partly paid for with points. Points are not awarded for trips that are paid for with gift vouchers/free tickets.

Points are awarded for the purchase of selected products on board on certain lines.

Members can pay or partially pay with earned points on a limited number of spaces on selected trips.

Bonus points must be used within two years from the date on which they are earned. Points that have been earned will not be credited if your membership is terminated.

Fjord Line disclaims all responsibility for the individual member’s tax liabilities in connection with earned bonus points with Fjord Line.

6.Processing of personal information in Fjord Club

In accordance with the Personal Data Act (Sections 8, 9 and 11, etc.)

Information on data processing:

Fjord Line AS
Postboks 513
4379 Egersund

The process name is Fjord Club Membership Register. Please phone Fjord Line at (+47) 51 46 40 99 if you have any questions about the register.

6.1Purpose of the data processing

Personal information that is collected in connection with this processing will be used for the purposes of marketing and providing customer service. Personal information will only be used in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Act, which includes maintaining, upholding, managing and developing the customer relationship.

Information that is collected will only be used for implementation and planning in accordance with the obligations that Fjord Line and Fjord Line’s partners have towards their customers who have joined Fjord Club, including ensuring compliance with the membership conditions.

6.2Fjord Club processes the following types of personal information

6.2.1Customer information

First name, Middle name, Last name, Date of birth, Gender, Nationality, Street address, Postcode, City/town, Country, Mobile number, E-mail address, Password and other information about travel preferences and information the member has provided in connection with competitions and campaigns.

6.2.2Information about data collection

Purchases (of articles) that are registered in your member profile. A logged-in visit to the fjordline.com (name, time and IP address) domain. Response to advertisements sent from the Fjord Club membership database.

6.3Storage, processing and quality assurance of data

All information about the individual customer will be registered and processed with the consent of the customer on becoming a member or at the latest when accepting deals or making purchases as well as participating in competitions held on behalf of Fjord Line. Information provided on registration must be verified with the receipt of an e-mail/text.
Fjord Line processes personal information in accordance with existing Norwegian legislation.

Fjord Line has the right to terminate a Fjord Club membership if there are reasonable grounds to suspect illegal use or abuse of Fjord Club services. To ensure the quality of the registered data and compliance with private data legislation, Fjord Line can terminate a Fjord Club membership and delete all personal information if the membership has been inactive for more than three years.

All information will be protected in accordance with the existing safety requirements stated in Section 13 of the Personal Data Act. Information will be stored in databases that are protected with firewalls, passwords and other technical aids. These databases and backups will be kept on locked and guarded premises and are only available to specially approved persons.

Personal information will no longer be associated with the customer once the customer has removed their personal information from the register.

6.4Right of access

In accordance with Section 18 of the Personal Data Act, the data subject has the right to check the information that is recorded about them and stored in the register. A signed request for access should be sent to Fjord Line AS.