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Welcome on board MS Bergensfjord

Fjord Line's modern eco-friendly ship MS Bergensfjord operates the Hirtshals-Stavanger-Bergen, Hirtshals-Kristiansand routes and the domestic route between Bergen and Stavanger.

MS Bergensfjord was launched in 2014 and, along with its sister ship MS Stavangerfjord, has written international shipping history. Both ships were built by Bergen Group Fosen and they are the largest cruise ferries in the world to be run entirely on green gas (LNG).

Enjoy a delicious meal

You can choose whether to enjoy a meal in our à la carte brasserie, our large buffet restaurant, perhaps a simpler bite in the cafeteria or at the café on the top deck.

Sleep well and sweet dreams

Our luxurious suites offer enviable views with floor-to-ceiling windows.
Our luxurious suites offer enviable views with floor-to-ceiling windows.

We’ve made sure that MS Bergensfjord can satisfy every need the modern traveller may have in terms of comfort and amenities. So, you can choose from no less than 20 cabin options. Comfort levels range from reclining seats to suites with fantastic views.

Let us entertain you

Chat to your fellow travellers, or perhaps enjoy watching your home team take on their rivals on our big screen TV in the sports bar which is tailored for the purpose. Behind the bar in the main Fjord Lounge, our staff are ready to serve whatever you think best accompanies the entertainment on stage. You can rest assured that our entertainment has been carefully thought through, whether the audience is made up of grown-ups or the upcoming generation.

Lots of tempting products in the tax-free shop

Taxfree-gasskip. Foto: Fjord Line

Shopping for quality products at bargain prices is part and parcel of a sea voyage. And a trip on MS Bergensfjord is no exception. That’s why we’ve set aside a full 500 square metres for this purpose and pride ourselves on being up-to-date and price-conscious in our tax-free shop.

We invest in environmental technology

Fjord Line is proud that the sister ships MS Bergensfjord and MS Stavangerfjord are the first and largest cruise ships in the world that sail solely on eco-friendly natural gas.

This means that the ships’ engines are exclusively powered by liquid natural gas (LNG), which produces much fewer greenhouse gas emissions than traditional heavy crude oil. This eco-friendly policy places Fjord Line at the forefront of new and stricter emissions regulations, making the environmental benefits significant along the coast and in the four seas that the cruise ferries cross.

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Facts about MS Bergensfjord

MS Bergensfjord’s maiden voyage: March 2014
Length: 170 metres
Width: 27.5 metres
Max. speed: 21.5 knots
Capacity: Ca. 1,500 passengers and 600 cars
Total berths: 370 across 20 different categories