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MS Stavangerfjord and MS Bergensfjord
There is an ATM near reception. Credit cards are accepted as payment on board.

Fjord FSTR
No ATM but credit cards are accepted as payment on board.

Please note that Dankort without VISA, American Express and Diners are not accepted on any of our ships.

Yes, the car deck is locked during the crossing. You must take everything you need from your vehicle before departure. The car deck is unlocked upon arrival at every port.

Mobile phone coverage on board ship is provided by the international GSM operator Telenor Maritime. When you make a call using the ship’s network, it is transmitted to shore via a satellite that hovers 35,800 km above the earth! As this is a satellite-based service, there may be some interference. If this happens, trying calling back a few minutes later.

The mobile network will be available once the vessel is under way and provides coverage in many areas of the ship. When your mobile phone displays “Telenor Maritime” or “901 12”, you are connected to the Telenor Maritime network*. If the ship is sailing close to land, you may also be able to connect to a land-based mobile network.

*Note that costs incurred are registered as satellite telephony. The actual cost will depend on your telephone service provider.

Yes, there are accessible toilets on all our ships.

Smoking is permitted in designated outdoor areas on our ships. Please check with the crew for details.

On our ships, free internet is offered to all guests during the crossing. Please note that internet quality may vary at sea.

MS Stavangerfjord and MS Bergensfjord
WiFi is available on decks 7-10 (including in the cabins).

Fjord FSTR
WiFi is available on decks 2 and 3.

The WiFi on board our ships is dependent on satellite and radio communication. The speed and stability of the service will vary depending on the location of the ship and local cover. There may be breaks in the service.

It is only intended for “standard” Web surfing (news, e-mails, social media). It is not suitable for other services that require high broadband width or stable communication.

Yes, you can. On Bergensfjord and Stavangerfjord we have a luggage room on deck 7 by the reception, which can be used at your own risk. Read more here: free luggage room on deck 7

On FSTR you’ll find luggage racks in the midships by the long aisle.

MS Stavangerfjord and MS Bergensfjord have a limited number of coin-operated refrigerator and freezer on deck 6. The refrigerators can take 50 litres and the freezer 40 litres.

There are no refrigerators or freezers available to passengers on the other ships.

For safety reasons, travellers with electric cars, motorhomes, caravans and similar vehicles are not allowed to connect to external power sources on the car deck. This does not apply to lorries with authorised equipment.

Fjord FSTR has charging points for electric cars. These can be ordered at an additional cost.

You can bring your whole family when you book your trip with Fjord Line – including your four-legged best friend. There are several ways of travelling with your dog, and the options vary depending on the destination and type of ship. Here we have collected the most important information you need as a dog owner when travelling with your dog.

Guests must bring their own seasickness tablets as we do not sell these on board. Seasickness bracelets are sold on the Bergen/Stavanger/Hirtshals route.