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Food and beverages

Onboard Fjord FSTR you will enjoy a food experience that is suited for everyones needs. A full dinner in our Bistro, different small dishes to snacks in our café. Or maybe a delicious starbucks-coffee with some sweats to fullfil the experience while you are waiting. The choice is yours.


Our bistro is a fantastic option, whether you’re looking for a hot snack or a hearty and great-tasting meal. Depending on the time of day you are travelling, breakfast, lunch or dinner will be served. Here you’ll find both hot and cold food, as well as a selection that should suit every taste – including children’s! The bistro is also particularly well suited for vegetarian and vegans. 

Examples of dishes in our bistro are Fjord FSTR burgers, vegetarian burgers and a range of sandwiches.  


In the café on board, we serve breakfast packages, open-face sandwiches, traditional sandwiches, hot and cold drinks, nuts and snacks. 

Our café is also part of the coffee giant Starbuck’s ‘We Proudly Serve Starbucks™’ programme. This means you’ll be able to buy delicious Starbucks coffee on board, as well as several Starbuck’s products like cakes and biscuits. 


We’ve created a separate lounge at the front of the ship. Here you’ll have comfortable seats, access to great views and various snacks and hot and cold beverages throughout the crossing. The selection in the lounge changes in keeping with the time of day and season, but lots of snacks and sweets are available at all times.

Delicious food, the best view and plenty of comfort - all this awaits you when you reserve a seat in the lounge from just 26 EUR / 197 DKK.