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The travel restrictions due to the corona pandemic, results in very few passengers in Fjord Line’s ships. The situation has worsened over the autumn. Further cost reductions are therefore necessary, and a new process has been implemented with staff reductions that affect around 140 employees. The number of employees has been reduced by around 300 since August.

– New measures must be taken to ensure that Fjord Line emerge from this crisis as a strong and viable company. This entails a new round of downsizing. The management team has had a good dialogue with trade unions and shop stewards, says chairman Peter Frølich in Fjord Line.

The board of the company has also started the process of finding a new CEO for Fjord Line. Until a new manager is in place, Arne Roland will act as CEO. Roland has extensive management experience, including from the Aker system and CHC Helicopter Service.

– New times require new leadership forces. The pandemic has had dramatic consequences for the entire tourism industry. As good leaders and owners, we must not only deal with the crisis, we must also work to emerge stronger from it. This means that we must equip Fjord Line to be at the forefront when it comes to green and sustainable solutions at sea, and we must take part in the digitalisation and automation of the industry. We also constantly meet new expectations from travelers and authorities that we must meet proactively. The board and the owners of Fjord Line will do what it takes to support the company through this demanding time, says Frølich.

Arne Roland takes over for Rickard Ternblom, who has led Fjord Line since 2015.

– Rickard Ternblom has agreed with the board to resign as CEO of Fjord Line. Fjord Line has had a great development during the period Rickard has led the company, and 2019 was the best year in the company’s history. I want to thank Rickard for the commitment and for the effort he has put in, and I wish him the best in his further career, says Frølich.

– It has been a privilege to be part in the development of Fjord Line, and especially to collaborate with employees who go to work every day with drive, responsibility, respect and commitment. We part as friends and I wish the company all the best in the years to come, says Ternblom.

Veröffentlicht am: 13. Oktober 2020 20:46