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Hier finden Sie alle Pressemitteilungen und News, die Fjord Line für die Presse zur Verfügung stellt.

16. 2022

Um die Reduzierung des Energieverbrauchs in einem angespannten europäischen Energiemarkt kümmert sich auch Fjord Line. Die beiden mit Erdgasbetriebenen (LNG) Schiffe MS Bergensfjord und MS Stavangerfjord auf den Routen Hirtshals-Stavanger-Bergen und Hirtshals-Langesund erhalten daher neue Routenpläne.

24. 2022

Fjord Line ist ab der kommenden Saison neuer Exklusivpartner von Aalborg Handball. Es wurde gerade ein Zweijahresvertrag unterzeichnet, der bis Sommer 2024 läuft.

4. 2021

Fjord FSTR, Fjord Line’s new ultra-modern catamaran, will be christened on Friday at the cruise port in Kristiansand. The ship will be taking over the route between Hirtshals and Kristiansand from HSC Fjord Cat. It will be a traditional christening ceremony with a tour that can be followed digitally and that will made available to everyone.  

9. 2021

Fjord FSTR has double capacity, is environmentally friendly and is the fastest route between Kristiansand and Hirtshals

26. 2021

The restrictions from the government, in light of the covid-19 pandemic, has hit Fjord Line hard. Owners, loaners and governments have helped secure future operations for the second time during the covid-19 pandemic for the ferry company Fjord Line. This ensures that Fjord Line can continue to build on the strong position Fjord Line had before the covid-19 pandemic. 

29. 2020

The Board of Directors has appointed Brian Thorsted Hansen (53) as the new CEO of Fjord Line.

13. 2020

The corona pandemic has had a strong impact on Fjord Line. Now, further measures are being initiated to ensure that the company emerges from the crisis as a powerful and viable shipping company.

15. 2020

Fjord Line is preparing for the long-term effects of the coronavirus. Although liquidity has been secured, the company is now instituting major cost-cutting measures.

26. 2020
Following the investment of about MNOK 700 in a new, ultramodern vessel for the service between Kristiansand – Hirtshals, the present vessel servicing that route will become redundant.
26. 2020

Fjord Line today announces its intention to reflag one of its four vessels from the Danish DIS register to the Norwegian NOR register.