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“The christening of Fjord FSTR marks an important milestone in Fjord Line’s history. We will now be able to offer an entirely new and more environmentally friendly ship to all our guests, while also increasing capacity and making the offer available to even more guests. The sea route to Denmark has never been shorter,” saysBrian Thorsted Hansen, CEO of Fjord Line.  

Digital christening 

Those who can’t wait to check out the new ship and want to be part of an important development for the entire region are welcome to join the digital ship christening ceremony. The christening ceremony will be streamed directly on Fjord Line’s Facebook pages and will include interviews with Marte Olsbu Røiseland and the group CEO, among others. The programme will also include a traditional ship christening with the breaking of a bottle against the hull and a digital tour of the ship. 

Of course, there’s no ship christening without a ‘godmother’, which is what we call the person who actually christens the vessel, so we’re very pleased that our own local hero Marte Olsbu Røiseland will be doing this honour. Marte exemplifies our new vessel in many ways: She is from Southern Norway, is very fast and, just like the crossing to Hirtshals, she offers lots of excitement. Of course, it’s also important to emphasise that she is an excellent role model for children and adults alike,” says Thorsted Hansen. 

For the skier, it’s also about sustainability. 

I am proud to have the honour of christening the Fjord FSTR and look forward to following her for years to come. Fjord FSTR is not only great news for travellers, but also for the environment. A warmer climate presents challenging conditions for winter sports, which is why I’m particularly happy that my ‘godchild’ will help reduce the carbon footprint compared to its predecessor,” says Marte Olsbu Røiseland. 

An opening in line with coronavirus restrictions 

Fjord FSTR is a state-of-the-art catamaran that accommodates 1,200 passengers. It has three restaurants and room for 404 cars. The crossing only takes two hours and 15 minutes. With more and more Norwegians using electric cars, electric charging systems have also been installed on board. Better comfort, a larger tax-free shop and a separate children’s area are also part of the upgraded facilities. With Fjord FSTR, Fjord Line can now carry heavy goods vehicles between Hirtshals and Kristiansand 

We are now only waiting for the infection situation to allow our guests to travel without having to quarantine afterwards. Those who long for new experiences at sea can look forward to sailing again as soon as possible. We share the excitement of our guests as they await the lifting of restrictions and travel becomes possible once again. We look forward to providing many wonderful holiday memories in the not too distant future,” says Thorsted Hansen.

The event can be followed digitally on Friday, June 4 at 3:30 p.m. –  https://go.fjordline.com/FjordFSTR_daap

Facts about Fjord FSTRLaunched: 07. February 2020
Length: 110 meters
Width: 31 meters
Marching speed: 37 knot
Capacity: 410 vehicles and 1200 passengers
Gross tonn: 11888
Time for crossing: 2 hours and 15 minutes

Press contact 

Contact: Brian Thorsted Hansen
Phone: + 45 20 35 13 39

Fjord Line was founded in 1993. With a 21% market share, we are Norway’s second largest shipping company in international passenger traffic and freight transportation between Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Fjord Line has four ships, operates on five routes, employs around 700 people and ferries more than 1½ million passengers annually. In addition to passenger traffic, we also transport commercial goods and vehicles. 

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