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Find great offers and a wide product range in the tax-free shop

On board MS Bergensfjord, you’ll find a food market and a tax free shop on deck 6. Clothes and accessories have been moved to our new shop on deck 7. 

On MS Bergensfjord, we’ve set aside 500 square meters at the stern of deck 6 to bring you great offers, sought-after products and an even wider selection of food and beverages on board.

Food market

The shelves in the food market are filled with cheeses, sandwich spreads, dressings, sodas and other drinks.

En mann og en dame er i butikk og ser på varer.

In the refrigerators and freezers, you will find a wide selection of meat, from the traditional bacon to duck breast and steaks. Everything is on sale at very tempting prices.


You can buy clothes and accessories for the whole family on deck 7. Name It® has everything for the youngest family members. Noisy May and Y.A.S are the brands for girls and women, while the boys and men can find their style with Only & Sons.

Ansatt hjelper kunde som ser på en kjole i klesbutikk.

Purses, wallets, jewelry, watches, sunglasses, and much more is also available here. You will get your hands on brands such as Ray-Ban, Snö and Pilgrim.

Opening hours taxfree

BergenStavanger 14:00–18:00
StavangerHirtshals 20:00–23:00 / 07:00–08:00
Hirtshals–Kristiansand 10:00–12:30
Kristiansand–Hirtshals 15:00–18:30
HirtshalsStavanger 20:00–23:00 / 05:30–06:30
StavangerBergen 10:00–12:00

Opening hours fashion

BergenStavanger 14:00–18:00
StavangerHirtshals 20:00–22:00
Hirtshals–Kristiansand 10:00–12:30
Kristiansand–Hirtshals 15:00–18:00
HirtshalsStavanger 20:00–22:00
StavangerBergen 10:00–12:00