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For the very youngest passengers

Everyone will have fun on-board with us – adults and children alike. We therefore like to offer our youngest passengers something extra special.

No matter when you travel with us, there are always activities on board that the children will love. There is a play area and set activities on deck 7, in addition to a fun climbing ship children can have fun with on deck 10.

Play area on Deck 7

The children have a separate play area on deck 7. There is seating nearby, and the canteen, a Starbucks and our own fashion store with clothes and accessories is also close.

Play ship on the sun deck

You will find MS Bergensfjord out on deck 10. This a fantasy version of the ship, specially made for the youngest family members. Children can slide, climb, explorem sense and feel. The underlay is soft and comfortable, so you don’t have to worry about hard landings.

During the Norwegian school holidays, we make sure to organize a little extra fun for our younger passengers. It needs to feel like a holiday for the little ones too!


Meet and greet

During the summer holidays (from approx. mid-June to the first of August) you can meet Fjordy, Fjord Line and Fjord Lou around the ship. Fjordy is always prepared to give a good hug and is more than happy to take a picture with the children.

Superduper Family Quiz

We also organise a quiz for the whole family in the Fjord Lounge (the quiz is in English). Children and adults alike can take part.

Fjordy’s aquarium

In Fjordy’s aquarium, children can colour and decorate sea animals that can be hung up. Over the course of the summer, the children will have created an aquarium of colourful fish, shell, crabs, jellyfish and starfish. Fjordy’s aquarium opens twice every day.

Set activities during the summer

During the school holidays (from approx. mid-June to the first of August) we make sure there is extra fun to be had onboard. A holiday is something special and must be celebrated!

Everyone can join a rebus race on the ship. Perhaps a reward awaits in reception once you figure out the secret word? We also hand out activity booklets with fun challenges.

Holiday-time is Fjordy-time

Fjordy is the children’s friend, and they love the kind figure who is often referred to as the “ocean’s friendliest lobster”.

To make the trip even more fun for the youngest ones, Fjordy has managed to get the environment detectives and ocean cleaners, Fjord Line and Fjord Lou, onboard. Together with the children they will try to stop Uncle Fjordor’s littering. Perhaps the magical binoculars can help them? They also need help from the children to fool the sea monster and find Grandpa Lorentz’ treasure chest in the bottom of the sea.

One character who always comes by during school holidays is our dear Fjord Line mascot Fjordy.
One character who always comes by during school holidays is our dear Fjord Line mascot Fjordy.

Fjordy has his very own song, which the kids love to sing and dance along to:

See you on board Fjord Line!