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Fjord Line's corporate management

The Fjord Line's corporate management team is comprised of experienced directors with different professional backgrounds in Norwegian, Swedish and Danish business. 

CEO Brian Thorsted Hansen

Brian Thorsted Hansen

Konsernledelse, HR Director, Hanne Buje Jensen
HR Director

Hanne Buje Jensen

Konsernledelse, Director, Sales and marketing, Trine Lise Woldbæk
Director, Sales and Marketing

Trine Lise Woldbæk

Konsernledelse, CDO, Roald Rossnes

Roald Rossnes

Konsernledelse, Freight Director, Claus Riis
Freight Director

Claus Riis

Konsernledelse, Business Development, Samuel Tegern
Business Development

Samuel Tegern

Konsernledelse, COO, Thomas Nymann Sørensen

Thomas Nymann Sørensen

Konsernledelse, CCO, Alexander Moe

Alexander Moe


Knut Ivar Sirevåg