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Take the bus from Hirtshals to Aalborg

If you are on a cruise from Bergen or Stavanger on Monday, Wednesday or Friday, you can travel by bus to Aalborg directly from the ferry terminal in Hirtshals.

A round trip between Aalborg City Centre and Aalborg Storcenter is free with the same ticket (applies to the bus times in the tables below). The bus will be waiting for you on the quays when you arrive in Hirtshals. Aalborg Storcenter is a shopping centre with 75 shops and contains the largest Bilka store in Denmark. With an area of 49,000 m2, this is the biggest shopping centre in North Jutland.

In Aalborg City Centre the bus stops near the town hall, Aalborg Rådhus, at Østerågade 9. The bus stops outside Entrance D of Aalborg Storcenter. Bus tickets should be bought when booking your trip or at the latest at check-in.

Standard fare
DKK 300 per person for a return trip

Fjord Club Premium price*
DKK 200 per person for a return trip
* Only applies to Monday and Wednesday cruise departures

Bus timetable

Please note that the bus only runs on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays during the periods below.



Departure Arrival
Hirtshals Terminal 08:30 Aalborg City Centre 09:30
Aalborg City Centre 09:40 Aalborg Storcenter 10:00
Aalborg Storcenter 13:00 Aalborg City Centre 13:20
Aalborg City Centre 13:25 Aalborg Storcenter 13:45
Aalborg Storcenter 17:45 Aalborg City Centre 18:05
Aalborg City Centre 18:10 Hirtshals Terminal 19:00