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Take the Fjord Line bus between Risavika and Stavanger

The Fjord Line bus makes travel between Risavika Port and Stavanger City bus station easy, cheap and efficient.

We encourage our guests to leave their cars at home and to take the Fjord Line bus instead — a cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative. Travelling by Fjord Line bus from Risavika Port to Stavanger City Bus Station is easy and comfortable.

One-way fares per person are NOK 100

Bus tickets can be purchased on the bus. We accept payment by card, although to be guaranteed a seat, tickets should be purchased in advance when booking your boat trip. This should be done 24 hours before departure. Please note that the bus does not have room for more than three pushchairs. In order to guarantee space, pushchairs must therefore always be pre-booked at least 24 hours before departure.

Buses from Stavanger City Bus Station leave from Stop 4 at the train station — behind the building, under the covered area.

For domestic journeys

Stavanger City Bus Station–Risavika Port All days
Stavanger City Bus Station 06:10
Madla at Madlakrossen (bus stop nr 1) 06:20
Risavika Port 06:30
Risavika Port–Stavanger CityBus Station
Risavika Port 19:30
Tananger near the church 19:40
Kvernevik at Sundkrossen 19:50
Madla at Madlakrossen 19:55
Stavanger City Bus Station 20:05

For international journeys (01.01.18-19.06.18 & 20.08.18-23.12.18)

Stavanger City Bus Station–Risavika Port All days
Fiskepiren Terminal 18:05
Stavanger City Bus Station 18:15
Madla at Madlakrossen (bus stop nr 1) 18:20
Kvernevik at Sundkrossen 18:30
Tananger near the church 18:40
Risavika Port 18:50
Risavika Port–Stavanger City Bus Station
Risavika Port 07:00
Tananger near the church 07:10
Kvernevik at Sundkrossen 07:20
Madla at Madlakrossen (bus stop nr 1) 07:25
Fiskepiren Terminal 07:30
Stavanger City Bus Station 07:40